Business Etiquette—Tips on Making a Good First Impression….

Make sure your first impression is a good one. Whether you are
a teen applying for an after school job or a college grad applying
for your first “full-time” job, the following tips can help you
make the best first impression.

Pre-Interview Checklist

  • Your shoes are clean and/or polished.
  • Your clothes are pressed and stain-free.
  • Your nails are clean and neat.
  • Your hair is neat.
  • You have removed all extra jewelry.
  • You have clean copies of your resume.
  • You have the address and phone number
    of the meeting place.
  • You know how to get there and how long
    it will take. (BEING ON TIME IS CRITICAL)
  • You know the names of everyone you are
    meeting and how to pronounce them.
  • You have a notebook and pen (that works!)
  • Your bag has essentials only—nothing
    bulky or extra.
  • You are prepared for rain, sleet or
    snow, and your coat is in good condition.
  • Ladies—you have a lipstick, powder
    compact and an extra pair of pantyhose.

Do the next five things with everyone you
meet and you are well on your way to success!

  • Look them in the eye.
  • Give a firm handshake.
  • Greet them – “How do you do?” or “How
    do you do, Mrs. ________”
  • When saying your name, say it slowly
    and clearly.
  • and yes, Don’t forget to Smile!
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