Essential Manners for Men: Men’s Top Five Mistakes

Men can screw up in a lot of places in their lives and, frankly, they can probably get away with it. But here are five essentials which raise the hackles on the backs of the peoples’ necks. Guard against these issues and your life will take a turn for the better.

1. Table manners. For whatever reason people judge people by their table manners. Eat like a slob, people will think of you as a slob.

And, if you want one table manner above all others to be careful about: don’t chew food with your mouth open. It’s disgusting.

The fact is eating is really a social activity, a time when we join a special someone, our family, friends, co-workers, prospects or clients in a setting where we can talk and have a good time. So focus on the people you are with, think about making their experience with you the very best possible. And then act accordingly. You can bet they’ll want to be with you again.

2. The toilet seat. Raise it to do your business and then put it back down.

Here’s why. Look at that rim the next time you go. Would you want to sit on it? Neither does she.

So you think, “Hey, why doesn’t she put it down and share the load.” Because if it’s the middle of the night or she forgets to look, she’s the one that’s sitting on it, and honestly, I wouldn’t want to have to face her afterwards. Neither do you.

It’s simply a matter of being considerate. Anyway, why let something like this potentially turn her off to you. It doesn’t make sense. Put it down.

3. Speaking of being inconsiderate, avoid actions that put people around you down.

Like failing to introduce your significant other to people you are talking to at a party. Instead, let the others know you’re proud to be with her. Or like hogging the remote and watching only what you want to watch on TV.

Do those little things that make her smile when she thinks of you. Like putting dishes in the dishwasher instead of leaving them on the table or in the sink. Like cleaning out the sink after you shave. Like opening the car door for her or holding her coat for her or standing when she approaches the table in a restaurant.

4. Looking vs. staring. You know what I’m talking about.

That head snapping stare doesn’t impress anyone you are with. It’s a matter of focus. If an attractive woman happens by while I’m with my wife, to be sure I notice her. But I don’t let my noticing interfere with the focus of my attention which remains on my wife. The minute my focus shifts to the person I’m looking at, then I’m staring, and I’m going to have a problem.

5. What your mother always tried to teach you; say “please” and “thank you.”

It sounds trite, but it’s some of the best advice you’ll ever get. Think of it this way:

When you say “please,” you turn a demand into a request. When you say “thank you,” you turn expecting someone to do something into appreciating what someone is doing for you. People like to be asked to do something and people really like being appreciated.

Where does this work for you? Everywhere. It’s not just at home. It’s with your friends as well. And it’s with your co-workers, prospects, clients, and suppliers. It’s with your children. You can’t expect them to do the things you ask of them if you don’t model the behaviors yourself.

Saying “please” and “thank you” costs you literally nothing, yet it can make the people you are with think very highly of you and want to do things for you and want be with you.

That’s it. Five little things you can work on to improve your relationships at home with friends and special people, and at work. Bottom line: that’s what etiquette is really about. Knowing what to do and say to build great relationships. I think we all want to be liked, we like to be liked. Etiquette will help us to leave an impression of, “What a great guy he is. I really like being with him.”

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6 comments on “Essential Manners for Men: Men’s Top Five Mistakes

  1. in my opinion everyone can take advices and use them if needed be,if you start attacking people because of their beliefs please do so in your own mind.A gentleman is that person who observes and strive to be a better person,criticizing others is a poor manner which reflects nothing but doubts of your own personality..

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  3. Also, I’m pretty sure that not staring, please and thank you, as well as being considerate and table manners are all something that women should do as well.

    How does a list of 5 things, were four are pertinent to both genders become an assault on males.

    Not to mention the relevance of Maggie’s comment above indicating that a man wrote this.

    Karl, please think before you type next time. Thank you.

  4. If we have to be sure to raise it, then she can be sure to lower it. what about in a house full of children who never keep it down or up, how about when she happens to be the last to clean it and leaves it up and I go to use it in the night half asleep and need it to be down? How about women start taking resposibility for their own needs, just another cheap attack on males, and for that matter the whole list lacks depth. you aparently have surrounded yourself with some pretty careless individuals, what does thats say for you? or is that the mans fault too? lol

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