USB Fan for Notebooks…


Stay cool at your desk this summer with the space-saving flexible fan that plugs into your PC!

Stuck in a stuffy office with no air-conditioning all summer? Desk miles from the window? Don’t sweat – cool down with your own ultra-convenient, and unique, personal fan. This is a fan that doesn’t need batteries or a plug, because it plugs directly into your PC’s USB port! There’s no need for any installation; just switch it on and feel it cool you down.

The USB Fan is designed to save you both hassle and space. Its head is small but powerful, the rubber blades whirring at a surprisingly rapid speed for a pleasantly refreshing breeze. Best of all, the slim flexible metal cord allows you to direct the breeze in any direction or at any angle. You can fold the whole thing almost flat for simple storage, and if the weather goes cold, you can twist it into different shapes to amuse yourself, desktop sculpture style.


With the USB Fan you don’t have to fork out a fortune in batteries, and there’s no need to worry about having a free plug socket or whether the cable will stretch. It’s ideal for small desks or office cubicles, and of course for making sweaty colleagues green with envy. Cool down and enjoy taunting co-workers with one gadget – that’s what we call value for money.

Measures 36cm when straight.


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